emerald infinity reels slot review

Emerald Infinity Reels Slot Review: RTP 96.30%

Relax Gaming has been experimenting with the Mega Clusters BTG concept, and now the Emerald Infinity Reels slot review is offering a new spin on the Infinity Reels ReelPlay engine. When it comes to Leprechaun motifs, they play it safe, but the beautiful waterfall fits the bill as a vehicle for countless reels.

The screen is static here, unlike in other Infinity Reels games. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but once you get the hang of it, it works great. After a while, the Leprechaun who appears to play his harp “all the time” becomes annoying, especially on a streak of minor wins.

Emerald Infinity Reels Slot Review: Interesting Facts 

The Irish luck theme is cliché, but popular, and the waterfall reels provide a beautiful backdrop for the Emerald Infinity Reels slot review.

Themes and Design

To be collected, symbols must be removed from reel 1. When the collected symbols are not rearranged between respin sequences during the free spins feature, it becomes much more fun and less tedious. If you are lucky with 2x symbols, you may win up to 10,000x your bet in this game. 

Features of the Infinity Emerald Scroll

Infinity Reels Emerald is well worth checking out for its bonus rounds, which elevate the entire experience on top of some of the annoying components found in regular games.

Lucky Response Features

Whenever you get a winning combination for the Emerald Infinity Reels slot review, the Lucky Respins feature is triggered. The winning symbols from the reels that are pushed out are collected as the reels shift to the left. The newly added rightmost reel will be replayed, and this feature continues as long as additional instances of winning symbols land on the reels. A respin is also triggered by the 2x multiplier symbol, sometimes known as the harp bonus symbol.

2x multiplier

The 2x multiplier will multiply your total prize by the number of winning symbols collected. For example, if you have three symbols collected, you will receive six in return. When you get a non-winning respin, the whole process starts from scratch.

Harp Bonus Symbol

When you collect at least three harp bonus symbols in the same respin sequence, a Bonus Round is triggered. You will get at least 12 free spins, plus two additional free spins for every bonus symbol you earn above the minimum of three. That is interesting facts of Emerald Infinity Reels slot review.

Collect 2x symbols

You will now collect the winning symbols attached to the table on the left side. As a result, you can collect different symbols over and over again, resulting in a total win in the end. Collect 2x symbols to double all winning symbols so far, and reactivate the bonus round by landing 3+ bonus symbols in the same respin sequence to re-trigger the bonus round.

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Experience the Infinity Emerald Scrolls 200 Spins

After a long period of hard work in the Emerald Infinity Reels slot review, we were able to get 5 bonus symbols in one respin sequence. We received 16 free spins as a result, and you can jump into the feature at 1:15 am in the 3-minute highlight video if you want. We won’t say how much we got up front, but you’ll find out pretty soon if you hit the spin button.

Summary Of The Review

First and foremost, congratulations to Relax Gaming for doing something different with the Infinity Reels engine. The concept of Symbol Collect is actually quite refreshing, but has certain drawbacks.

Final Words

Only symbols that have been collected count, which can be annoying until you get used to it. For example, landing three bonus symbols on the reels does not automatically activate the bonus round in the Emerald Infinity Reels slot review.

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