Midway Money Slot Review

Midway Money Slot Review: High Volatility, RTP 96%

Are you curious about the Midway Money slot review? This game is an online slot from Yggdrasil partner Reel Life Games that has nothing to do with Midway Games (the software house that formed Mortal Kombat). For those living outside of North America, the title may be perplexing. 

A midway, according to Wikipedia, is a section of a fair where ‘carnival games, entertainment, exhibitions, dime stores, amusement rides, themed events, and trade shows, pleasure gardens, water parks, and food booths cluster.’ 

Midway Money suddenly made a lot more sense. So, if you’re up for it, let’s take a look at what Reel Life Games has to offer in the midway.

Summary of Midway Money Slot Review

In In Midway Money slot review, fairs are a jumble of sights, sounds, and smells, so Reel Life may have been attempting to recreate a melting pot of sensations, but Midway Money’s incongruous mishmash of elements was obvious from the start. 

For one thing, the music, while enjoyable, does not sit well with me. It brightens up when certain features are activated and becomes more carnival-like at times, but it still feels a little off. Then there are the visuals. 

It’s difficult to tell whether Reel Life made the game look cheap on purpose or simply hasn’t mastered the art of pixel placement yet. We’ll let the players decide, but the look brought to mind games like Krazy Klimber and Moley Moolah.

1. RTP and Volatility

Things aren’t bad statistically, with RTP averaging 96%, though it can be as low as 86% depending on the market. 

Midway Money is a highly volatile slot that can be played on any device and accepts bets ranging from 20p to £/€50 per spin. When the Strongman feature is activated, the grid matrix shrinks and expands, but the regular dimensions are 5-reels, 4-rows, and 40 winlines.

2. Pay Symbols

In Midway Money slot review, Eleven regular pay symbols appear on those winlines in groups of three to five to form winning combinations. There are ten of them starting at the bottom and working their way up. 

A ringmaster-type chap, bottles, a strongman, a teddy bear, a firebreather, and a card rank For the low-pay royals, landing a five-of-a-kind winning combo pays 1.5-3x the bet, and for the high-pay royals, it pays 4-10x the bet. 

On the reels, three wild symbols appear, each capable of completing winlines by replacing regular pay symbols. One wild is an 11-inch logo, while the other two are 12-inch Strength Meter symbols, which will be discussed next.

3. Slot Features

To get a lot of the features in Midway Money to fire, a chain reaction of events must occur. When two wild Strength Meter symbols appear fully in view on reels 4 and 5, the game begins. 

The bell ringer then tries to ring the bell on the top of the Strength Meter, which is located next to the reels. 

If the bell does not ring all the way, the meter moves up one step (5%), theoretically increasing the likelihood of the bell ringing again. When the bell is rung, the volume is reduced to the lowest setting.

Features Selection

A Ferris Wheel exists if the bell at the top of the Strength Meter rings. Duck Shoot, Strongman Fire Eater, and Fire Eater, Strongman and Duck Shoot, Fire Eater and Duck Shoot, or all three features are awarded when it spins (free spins only).

Duck Shoot

In Midway Money slot review, when the feature is activated, the two Strength Meter symbols become targets, and more targets can be added to the reels. After that, all of the targets are turned into logo wild symbols.

Fire Eater

The Strength Meter and Bonus Symbols are converted to tens when they are awarded. After selecting a random symbol, all symbols with lower values are changed into the chosen symbol. In addition, two wild logo symbols are randomly placed on the reels.

Strong Man

The reels are set at 5 rows rising with 50 winlines, 6 rows rising with 60 winlines, 7 rows rising with 70 winlines, or 8 rows rising with 80 winlines when this one is earned.

Minimum Win Free Spins

When three bonus symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, the player is awarded seven free spins. If three bonus symbols appear during free spins, you will be awarded an additional +7 free spins, up to a maximum of 35. 


Any bonus symbol landing in view after 35 free spins is rewarded with a 10x the bet win. Just a quick note. The paytable says seven spins, but the demo only gave out five free spins when they were triggered.

The Minimum Win portion of the feature was working. The Minimum Win for every free spin is one times the bet at the start of the free spins. The Minimum Win becomes this amount whenever a win is greater than the current guaranteed Minimum Win amount.

Our Conclusion

Coming across a bit of self-aware modesty in a game called Midway Money is refreshing in an industry where even the worst piece of trash can be hyped as if it’s the beau ideal of online slots. 

Okay, the term midway’ refers to a specific section of a fair, but the game is, coincidentally, middling. It’s a real jumble of oddities, but not in the cool Tom Waits way, where thick red curtains open to reveal a ragged bohemian fantasy. 

Overall of Midway Money slot review results from slot gacor malam ini, the game looks like it was cobbled together from a variety of spare parts found on a desk. Midway Money slot is right now available at link slot gacor, you can visit the link to play it.

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