Shuffle Bots Slot Review

Shuffle Bots Slot Review: RTP 95.20% (Realistic Games)

Are you searching for the Shuffle Bots slot review? This slot machine by Realistic Games has a theme that is an odd combination of a disco club night and a group of robots who seem to be in charge of controlling the show. 

The new Realistic game mostly offers something distinctive graphically, but it lacks other novelties to hold players’ interest.

A Brief of Shuffle Bots Slot Review

You will find a setup with 20 lines included in a 5×3-reel game area. The main features of the slot machine are standard ones, so you can use wilds, scatters, or free spins. Although there is nothing exceptional there, you should still play the game because it offers $50,000 in incentives.

1. Wagering Options

A second screen will appear once you click the Menu button, listing a dozen different bet values. They can be purchased for as little as $0.20 or as much as $200. This line bet ranges from $0.01 to $10, which is a fairly typical range for a slot machine.

The game’s potential is not exceptionally high because the highest wins are only 250 coins, or up to $2,500. With the number of lines available, a single spin might win up to $50,000. (250x the stake).

The RTP, or return to player, is another number that gives us a sense of how the game unfolds. The percentage, announced by Realistic Games at 95.2%, is a touch lower than the 96.2% that most modern decent slots will be at.

2. Game Features

Don’t go into Shuffle Bots expecting any major features. The game uses nothing novel and keeps things incredibly simple. There are only wilds and free spins available, really. 

To start, you’ll have the replacement if you look at the symbol with the multicolored letters that spell WILD. Given that the word is being written out, it is hardly surprising. 

This symbol appears on all of the reels, and depending on where it lands and which other symbols are nearby, it could either aid in the formation of a new combination or pay you directly for a grouping of five wild symbols. One of the two symbols that can award the top payout of 250 coins for a winning combination is this one.

Second, there will also be a Bonus Glitter Ball symbol in action, which must show up a predetermined amount of times to award you with a bonus or monetary prize. With 3 scatters, you receive 5 free spins, 4 scatters, 10 spins, and 5 scatters, a cash prize of up to $50,000 is awarded. 

This makes it unique (250x the stake). If you receive 5 scatter symbols, only the prize is awarded; there are no free spins. I’m not upset because that represents the game’s top possible reward in a single round.

3. Theme and Design

Shuffle Bots isn’t quite a slot machine with a dancing theme, nor is it fully about robots. The Royals appear frequently and are not quite as intriguing as the robots, despite the graphics being very well created and being cute anytime the robots are present. Overall, a good-looking game that is a little bit monotonous due to its features.

Final Words

In conclusion of link slot gacor 2022 about Shuffle Bots slot review, the concept of the dancing robots gives this game potential, but it’s hard to see on the reels, and the features are dull.

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